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Toronto Vintage Clothing Show April 5, 2014 01:00

The wonderful Kelli & I waking up bright and early to set up shop at The Toronto Metro Convention Centre.
Some awesome Torontonian's rockin Peaces Vintage Collection
Momma T & Julie-Anne supporting Peaces. Love you both.
Sad to see one of my favourite Vintage Peaces come & go so fast. ..Oh well, guess it's part of the job. 
If you're wondering who the infamous Peaces model is, meet Sam. Stylin'Sam (long time friend & local Toronto Blogger) came out to support Peaces with her partner in crime,Sam.D. Check out their addictingly stylish blog:
I Had the honour of attending Toronto's Vintage Clothing show for the second time and what a wonderful event it was! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported Peaces.Your love does not go without recognition!
Excited to announce that Peaces will be travelling to Ottawa next week for Ottawa's Spring Vintage Clothing Show on Sunday April 13th, 2014.
The Vintage Show is located at the Ottawa Conevntion Centre.

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Peaces Fashion Show February 5, 2014 15:28

P e a c e s   F a s h i o S h o w 
F i c t i o n  N i g h t  C l u b
Here are some photo's of the fashion show held at Fiction Night Club. Such a beautiful night filled with positive energy!
<- BIG THANK YOU to Peaces beautiful hair dresser, Jessica Iozzo(middle left). She was amazing and offers hair extension appointments for for more information. Unfortunately she is not single.
My Beautiful P e a c e s cupcakes made by the lovely Brittany Bert, and decorated by the talented Bianca. Thank you both for your help & positivity !
First show of the year and all i can say is thank you. To all my family and friends who came out and supported me and continue to support me. BIG thank you to my mom, Terri. You are my rock. Thank you for never giving up on me, your my number one fan,I love you so much. Also, BIG thank you to my boyfriend for putting up with my attitude and my never ending To-Do List, for all your help and positive energy. Your amazing.
So whats next for Peaces?
As of now, Peaces next scheduled event is on Sunday March 23rd located at the Metro Convention Centre, for the Spring Toronto Vintage Clothing Show.
The Vintage Clothing Show is a great opportunity for all vintage clothing lovers to observe & purchase items for affordable prices.

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"My life is my message"
-Mahatma Gandhi

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