Hi, I'm Savannah-Rae

Peaces Was Established in 2013 Upon the Pillars of Sustainability, Community, and Synergy

Commencing as a proprietor of a thrift store on Queen Street West, Peaces underwent an organic transformation, evolving into a sustainably-focused marketplace that showcased a collective of ethically sourced, locally rooted small businesses. In 2017, our organization achieved the distinction of establishing Canada's first all-vegan marketplace in Vancouver, BC. Since that milestone, Peaces has successfully hosted a multitude of festivals, markets, and food outreach programs, while simultaneously raising a sum of over $40,000 through our Market Admission Structure.

 Present-Day Status

Fuelled by a passion for animals, culinary arts, exploration, and networking, Peaces has strategically aligned itself with opportunities that enable expansion while fostering connections with like-minded entrepreneurs. Peaces latest venture is The Vegan Night Market, a bi-weekly Thursday event held at The Waldorf Hotel in East Vancouver and Locarno Beach during the summer and select dates during off season.

Using Business as a Force for Good

Peaces holds a strong belief in the cultural significance of markets as a pivotal component in sustaining local economies. The ultimate objective is to establish a global marketplace where plant-based communities, businesses, educators, and leaders can thrive. By offering a cost-effective sales opportunity for local food producers and artisans, Peaces actively contributes to the profitability of small businesses while supporting those in need.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates.