Hi, I'm Savannah-Rae

📍Est. 2013 Toronto, Canada

Peaces was built on the foundation of sustainability, community and synergy. Beginning as a thrift store owner on Queen Street West, Peaces organically developed into a sustainably-focused marketplace featuring a collective of ethically and locally sourced small businesses. In 2017 I created Canada's first all vegan market in Vancouver, BC. Since then, I've hosted multiple festivals, markets and food outreach programs while raising over $39,000 through Peaces Market Admission Structure.

👋🏽 Present-Day Status

Through my passion for animals, cooking, eating, travelling and networking, I've aligned myself with opportunities that allow me to explore different parts of the world while connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs. My latest project is The Vegan Night Market which is a bi-weekly Thursday event that takes places at The Waldorf Hotel in East Vancouver.

❤️ Current Manifesto

I strongly believe markets are culturally important because they are the critical component in rebuilding local economies. My overall objective is to create a global marketplace platform where plant-based communities, businesses, educators and leaders can flourish. By providing a cost-effective, retail sales opportunity for local food producers and makers, we are helping make small businesses profitable while giving back to those in need.

Stay tuned.