Hi, I'm Savannah-Rae.

Founded in Toronto, Canada in 2013.
Peaces was built on the foundation of sustainability, community and positive energy. Beginning as a thrift store owner on QueenStreet West my brand quickly developed into a in-person market platform consisting of a collective of eco-friendly brands all under one roof. In 2017 I created Canada's first all vegan market in Vancouver, BC. Since then, I've hosted multiple festivals, markets and food outreach programs while raising over $10,000 through my markets admission program.
Present-Day Status.
Through my passion for animals, cooking and travelling, I've aligned myself with opportunities that allow me to explore different parts of the world while connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs.My latest project is The Vegan Night Market which is a bi-weekly Thursday event that takes places at The Waldorf Hotel in East Vancouver.  On December 15th we are hosting our Holiday Party consisting of an indoor/outdoor concept featuring over 30+ brands.
Current Manifesto.
My overall objective is to create multiples outlets worldwide that provide free, reliable and consistent access to sustainable alternatives via plant-based eating and shopping, educators, and Non-For-Profit Organizations. My intention is to co-create amongst those sharing the same love and ideology on using business as a force for good.