Toronto's Official Animal Rights March 2018 August 26, 2018 13:10

Each day you have the power to make change. Yesterday was Toronto’s Official Animal Rights March and I’m so proud of myself for attending. It was beyond liberating as I stood beside thousands of stranger faces yet felt more connected and supported then ever before. It was a beautiful movement towards a better world. Sometimes I feel discouraged with the vegan path, enforcing it into my business, wondering if I will be a community that I no longer agree with.Then I realized the applause from others was becoming more important then my improved performance. 🤚🏽Das stupid! Only I have control over my performance. I will never have control over other people’s responses, approval or applause. So, the goal here is to always get better; to appreciate how far you’ve come, but also to keep striving to go further, always making your future bigger then your past. A bigger future demands greater performance on your part. A bigger future requires that your vision stays strong with no doubt, you as an individual keep improving without fear disrupting your mind. Believe in you, believe in the others you surround yourself with and accept that you are worthy of your goals & dreams.

Meet James. He went through a year of silence for the animals. He is a fucken legend, inspiration and amazing person to look up to.