Introducing Vancouver's First All Vegan MarketPlace July 31, 2018 19:30

Travelling back & fourth from Toronto to Vancouver made me appreciate each city for what is truly was. You have Toronto, a city that barely sleeps..a concrete jungle that revolves around money.  It's people are multi cultural, we have Greek Town, China Town, Little Italy...we have an area which proudly accepts and honours the LGBT community (fucking rad) AND to compliment the city even more there is a newly established area dedicated to the Vegans of our city known as Vegandale ( Queen St.W)...
So, to sum up my thoughts of are big and powerful...but not as big and powerful as the BC Mountains.
Now we have Vancouver City, not as big & busy, much more laid back, dogs are accepted everywhere ( major point )and nature will always be the cities focal point. Weather never goes below 0° ( another major point considering Toronto deals with -30° days). Everyone supports local businesses and are conscious of their health as well as enjoy outdoor activities. You have the ocean & the mountains at your doorstep. Personally, it is my ideal city of choice..which is why I've chosen to expand Peaces Market to Van City. 
My passion has been animals since I was born and could not think of a better life purpose then to build a community that believes in vegan alternatives. Vancouver's first all vegan MarketPlace will feature foods, clothing, bath & body, home decor, jewelry  &  so much more. Dedicated to the animals, we create awareness, and outlets for the curious and ethically minded.
All NPO's are welcomed free of charge.
Our admission at every event is canned goods, clothing & pet food 
+ there will always be good music LOUD & on repeat.
Our goal is to create a chill atmosphere with consistent, ever-changing brand exposure. 
Want to get involved as a vendor, NPO or volunteer? Please e-mail: