About Peaces...

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Peaces is a lifestyle brand that uses business as a force for good.
Devoted to an Eco-friendly community , we feature Ontario's most exclusive ever-evolving artisan brands. 


Our main goal is to create a community that relies on each other for all basic necessities,

in which are trendy, affordable, healthy and last but not least Canadian!

We are society’s outlet to an Eco-conscious lifestyle.

We represent our local Artisans, Entrepreneurs, Artists & Non-Profit Organizations with pride.

We give you the opportunity to invest in your community and network with your neighbors all while creating local awareness.

J o i n  O u r  M o v e m e n t

S a v a n n a h - R a e
F o u n d e r
World Traveller | Handcrafter | Vintage Buyer | Animal Activist | Stylist
I'm Just a Momma's Girl, pulling everything out of my soul & sharing it.