Hi, I'm Savannah-Rae

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Peaces started off as a vintage clothing brand in the basement of 47 Sparrow. Market after market I would drag suitcases up and down flights of stairs in hopes of making enough money to quit my day job & open up my own Sanctuary.
. 2016 .
"If I could define Peaces Market in one word . . . I'd say organic."
After a couple of years of travel, short term commitments and one-off markets, I decided to incorporate my love for animals, eco-conscious living, giving back and social gatherings together, which led to the first Peaces Market at the classic Stones Place in Toronto.  I knew I hosted great house parties but who knew my career would form into what it did. 
"I believe that if you love what you do...nothing else matters, good things just come."
With select dates in Toronto, Peaces Market found a place to call home in the beautiful Mountains of Collingwood, Ontario at Side Launch Brewery. We are on a monthly basis in one of the most lovely towns Ontario has to offer! 

"Peaces  is an eco-conscious lifestyle brand that uses business as a force for good."
From Constantly obsessing over its beauty and multiple trips, I finally took a leap of faith and broke ground in the most magical place I travelled to (and I've travelled to ALLOT of places), Vancouver, BC. I established The Vegan Night Market, which features all local brands with zero animal by-products! It is 100% vegan.
Currently living in Kits with my pup Hazel working on my latest project, Vancouver Vegan Festival 2019 ( happening July 27th) 
.Giving Back.
"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do."
The most rewarding part of my line of work is to see how much a community can come together and make an impact on pretty much anything! I love my job because I'm constantly surrounded by empowering businesses, small and big with the same vision, to make our society more sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly. 
" In the midst of trying to live with a purpose, wake up every morning with the simple intention of being the best version of you you can be."
Always looking to collaborate!


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